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How To Save Money On Gas & Find Free Gas Cards

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It’s no surprise that everyone is wondering how to save money on gas and where to find free gas cards.  This post gives you several ideas for doing both, so you can save at the pump every time you fill up.

Grocery & Convenience Store Loyalty Programs

One of the most obvious ways to save money on gas is through loyalty programs at your local grocery or convenience stores.

For instance, Kroger offers 10 cents off per gallon for every $100 you spend at their store.  They also offer deals for earning 4x fuel points.  Visit their app to sign up for these deals.

Most grocery chains offer a similar incentive, so take advantage of these savings at the pump.

Upside App

Never pay full price for gas again!

A program called Upside enables you to purchase normally and earn cash back.  Get the best deal on gas, groceries, and dining by claiming an offer.

For example, on my Upside app it tells me that Shell near me is offering $0.47 cash back, and BP is offering $0.46 cash back on every gallon of gas!  Deals like that can really add up to significant savings on gas.

Upside even tells you the prices of nearby gas stations so you can find the lowest price.

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You can also earn cash back at nearby restaurants and retailers, with more merchants added regularly.

You can earn as much as you want, and you can combine your savings with other discounts, coupons, and loyalty programs.  Awesome!

Download the Upside app now and get an extra $0.15/gallon on your first purchase!

Free Gas For Medical Appointments

Did you know that if you’re on Medicare or Medicaid you can get reimbursed for the cost of driving yourself to medical appointments and pharmacy pickups?

This benefit can save you plenty on gas costs and most participants don’t know about this benefit.

You can actually get free ride to medical appointments through your healthcare provider to cut your transportation cost entirely.  Or, if you prefer to drive yourself, you can request reimbursement by filling out a reimbursement form.  They reimbursement is paid by mileage, so you probably get more back than you’ll actually spend in gas.

Contact your healthcare provider for more information.

Earn Cash For Gas At OpinionInn

If you have a few minutes a day to take surveys online at OpinionInn, you can earn cash for gas!

image 1760738 13840353 1570798154000 Each survey offers a cash incentive that can add up to a full tank of gas.  So far, they’ve paid users over $3,900,000 in incentives for taking surveys.

Join OpinionInn with my link and get $10 in bonus cash.

Get Free Gas Cards With Fetch Rewards

A mobile shopping app called Fetch Rewards gives users rewards for supporting their favorite brands. Users of the Fetch Rewards app may easily save money on regular purchases by scanning their receipts.

The cool thing about Fetch is that you can get points for any receipt from any retailer, so all of your purchases could possibly earn points.  Your points can then be redeemed for free gas cards!

Get free gas cards just by simply taking a picture of your receipt in the Fetch app – that’s it!

Download the Fetch Rewards app now using my link to earn bonus points.

Earn Cash or Gift Card For Gas From Receipt Hog

Another app to consider is Receipt Hog.  With this app you’ll earn real cash for uploading your receipts from everyday purchases.

With Receipt Hog, you can also earn bonus points for shopping at select merchants like Old Navy, Amazon, and more popular merchants.

Download the Receipt Hog app with my link to earn $10 bonus cash.

Those are a few ways that you can earn cash, cash back, and free gift cards to pay for your gas.

Other Ways To Save Money On Gas

Here are a few other ideas to cut back on gas costs:

  • Remove any unnecessary weight from your vehicle
  • Make sure your tire pressure is correct for your vehicle
  • Don’t rev the gas pedal
  • Use public transportation when available
  • Walk or ride a bike instead of driving
  • Carpool with others going to the same location

How Do You Save Money On Gas?

I hope you found these suggestions useful.  Are there other ways that you use to save money on gas?  Please share your thoughts and tips in the comments section below to help other readers save money on gas and find free gas cards.

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