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5 Easy Summer Craft Ideas For Toddlers

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Keeping a toddler occupied isn’t always easy, so this post shares 5 Easy Summer Craft Ideas For Toddlers that they can make together in less than an hour.

I know when my children were young it was a challenge to keep them occupied for more than about 20 minutes, so these simple crafts are perfect.  Most toddlers have short attention spans so we made sure to choose projects they’ll actually complete.

Some of them require using scissors and glue, so you’ll definitely want to supervise and help when needed.  For the most part, your toddler will be in charge!

5 Easy Craft Ideas For Toddlers

Paper Plate Sunflower

Paper plate crafts are not only super fun to make, their inexpensive and easy.

That makes this paper plate sunflower is perfect for Summer and Fall crafting with your toddlers.

Materials needed:

  • Paper plate
  • Yellow craft paint
  • Black or brown craft paint
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Green popsicle sticks (or regular popsicle sticks colored green with a marker)
  • Green construction paper
  • Brown or black pom poms


  • Let your toddler paint the entire paper plate yellow and set it aside to dry.
  • Once the yellow paint has dried, have your toddler paint the center of the paper plate either black or brown.
  • Help your toddler by cutting around the paper plate to make the sunflower edges.
  • Add a green popsicle stick to the bottom of the sunflower for the “stalk”.
  • Then, cut out two “leaves” from green construction paper and let your toddler glue to the popsicle stick.
  • Lastly, your toddler can glue black or brown pom poms to the middle of the sunflower to look like seeds.

This craft and photo is courtesy of Made To Be Mama

Sunflower Paper Plates sm 15

Handprint Butterfly Craft

Here’s a fun craft for toddlers that could also make a great gift.  This handprint butterfly commemorates your toddler’s handprint – something parents and grandparents alike will love.

Materials needed:

  • Construction paper or craft paper (various colors)
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue


    • Choose two different paint colors which will be for making the butterfly wings.
    • Use the paintbrush to completely cover the palm of each hand with the chosen colors.
    • Press the palms firmly on a piece of cardstock paper for about 5 seconds.  Remove the palms gently.
    • Use the second chosen color and repeat the previous step.
    • Cut a small rectangle from a different color paper and fold it in half to create the butterfly’s body.
    • Glue the folded rectangle onto the center of the handprints, between the wings.
    • Use markers to draw eyes or use googley eyes.
    • Add antennae and a smile for the perfect butterfly.
    • Once the handprints are dry, cut them out.
    • Glue one set of each of the handprints to each other with the thumbs facing out.

This craft and photo is courtesy of Made With Happy

glue butterfly body ontop of handprints

Popsicle Stick Picture Frame

Materials needed:

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Washable markers or paint
  • Glue
  • Decorative items (buttons, beads, sequins, etc.)


    • Help your toddler color or paint the popsicle sticks in their desired colors.
    • Once the sticks have dried, help them arrange the sticks in a square or rectangular shape to create a frame.
    • Glue the corners of the popsicle sticks together to secure the frame.
    • Let your toddler decorate the frame by gluing on buttons, beads, sequins, or any other decorative items they like.

Sponge Stamped Art

This is a not only a fun craft for your toddlers, but a learning exercise as well.

Your toddler can practice their shapes and creating patterns.

They will need your help cutting the sponges into different shapes.  From there, let their imaginations flourish, creating their own sponge art masterpiece!

Materials needed:

  • Sponges (cut into different shapes, such as circles, squares, or triangles)
  • Washable paint in various colors
  • Paper or cardstock


  • Pour different colors of paint into separate shallow containers.
  • Dip the sponge shapes into the paint, making sure they are coated evenly but not dripping.
  • Let your toddler press the sponges onto the paper or cardstock to create different patterns and designs.
  • Encourage them to experiment with different colors and arrangements of the sponge shapes.

This craft and photo are courtesy of  The Craft Train

sponge stamping art for toddlers

Nature Collage Craft

Materials needed:

  • Construction paper or cardboard
  • Glue
  • Various natural materials (leaves, flowers, twigs, etc.)


    • Take a nature walk with your toddler and collect different natural materials.
    • Once you’re back home, provide your toddler with a piece of construction paper or cardboard.
    • Help them arrange the collected materials on the paper and glue them down to create a collage.
    • Encourage them to use their imagination and creativity to make their own unique nature artwork.

This craft and photo are courtesy of Pink Stripey Socks

toddler craft with nature collage

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it will give you and your toddlers hours of entertainment.

Remember to supervise your toddler during these activities and ensure that the materials used are safe and age-appropriate.

Have fun crafting with your little one!

Thank you for reading and please share on Pinterest.  It really helps!

examples of easy summer crafts for toddlers including a handprint butterfly, paper plate sunflower and a nature collage.

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