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10 Last-Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

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Are you still in need of a Mother’s Day gift that she’s sure to love?  Here are 15 last-minute DIY Mother’s Day gifts that light up her day.

It’s the time of year that we give our mothers and grandmothers a little extra attention.  Mother’s Day, is the perfect day to show how much you appreciate them.

You might be at a loss for what to get Mom this year, and maybe your budget is a little thin.  That’s okay because these are all budget-friendly Mother’s Day gift ideas that you can make yourself.

1. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelets

If your mom complains about being stressed out a lot, these essential oil diffuser bracelets may be the perfect gift.

When she’s feeling overwhelmed, no matter where she is, she can discreetly sniff her new bracelet for instant calming.

Learn how to make these aromatherapy bracelets here.

aromatherapy bracelets

2. Peppermint Bath Salts

Every mom needs a little peace and quiet that can be found in a nice hot bath.  These peppermint bath salts awaken the senses and will leave her feeling refreshed.

You can get the directions for making these on the Attachment Mom blog.




peppermint bath salts

3. Baby Clothes Throw Pillow

New moms and even grandmothers will get a tear in their eye with this last-minute DIY Mother’s Day gift.

Create a throw pillow for her made out of her child’s baby clothes!  This is adorable – any mother would love this!

Get the details for how to make this baby clothes throw pillow.

DIY gifts ideas for mom 9502.jpg

4. DIY Zipper Purse

If you’re really crafty you can make Mom one of these cute DIY zipper purses.  You’ll need basic sewing skills, so this one is best for teens or adults to make.

Find out how to make one here.

diy zipper purse 1 1

5. Rosey Natural Lip Balm

If your mom loves organic products then she’ll definitely love this DIY lip balm.  It will keep her lips soft and smooth throughout the summer months.

Directions for making this natural rose lip balm can be found here.

diy rose lip balm

6. Under-Desk Footrest

If your mom works at a desk all day it can hard on the body.  This under-desk footrest is easy to make and will provide Mom with some extra comfort for years to come.

You can get the directions for this footrest here.

DIY footrest under desk Anikas DIY Life Pinterest1

7. Photo Gift For Mother’s Day

Another go-to gift that’s perfect for any mom is a photo gift.  Moms love pictures because they bring back great memories of your childhood.

Learn how to create this easy photo gift for Mother’s Day here.

DIY Mothers Day Gifts photo gift

7. Etched Wooden Utensils

These etched wooden cooking utensils are the perfect gift for a mom that loves to cook.

Get instructions for making them here.

etched cooking utensils diy mothers day gifts

8. DIY Feminist Candles

If your mom is a proud feminist then you’ve just found the perfect last-minute DIY Mother’s Day gift!

These candles will get a smile or maybe even a chuckle.

Learn how to make these candles here.

feminist candles diy mothers day gift

9. Clay Marbled Ring Dish

These clay marbled ring dishes are absolutely stunning.  She will have the perfect place to put her rings or other jewelry at the end of a long day.

Here are the instructions for making the marbled ring dish.

marble clay dish

10. Felt Bow Bookmarks

If you’re looking for something quick that doesn’t take a lot of skill to make, these DIY felt bow bookmarks are the perfect choice.  If your mom loves to read, she’ll appreciate this Mother’s Day gift.

Learn how to make these bookmarks here.

felt bow bookmarks

Conclusion – Last-Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is fast approaching so get to work on your Mother’s Day gifts.  Hopefully, you found one on this list that your unique mom will love.

Which gift on this list is your favorite?  Do you have other ideas for last-minute Mother’s Day gifts that won’t break the bank?

Tell us about it in the comments.  I love your feedback too, so feel free to let me know what you thought of this post.

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last minute gift ideas for Mother's Day


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  • Ooooh I would LOVE to receive one of those bracelets for mothers day!

  • Those candles and marble dishes will be perfect for me. I can’t wait to start receiving my Mother’s Day gifts from my daughter.

  • Mijia Eggers

    We use this plant oils for the candles to improve the freshness of the rooms. But you share more ideas and products with us. I think they are very good gifts for many events.

  • very cute and absolutely doable crafts! I would have been delighted to receive any of these for Mother’s Day. Great job!

  • I absolutely loved the article you shared on last-minute DIY Mother’s Day gifts! The ideas were not only creative and thoughtful but also easy to execute. The step-by-step instructions and accompanying pictures were a great touch and made it simple to follow along. Thanks for providing such helpful and inspiring content!

  • Karen

    I know my mom would appreciate a DIY gift because it is a gift that is coming from the heart. I love these ideas.

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