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10 Giant Outdoor Party Games

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Summer is full of opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy time with friends and family.  If you’re looking for giant outdoor party games that will keep everyone entertained, here are 10 of the best!

1. Connect 4

One of my favorite childhood games, the giant Connect 4 game, or 4 In A Row game, is perfect for all ages.

The large red and black discs fit perfectly into the giant game board.

Children and adults alike will have hours of fun playing this game in the backyard.  Buy yours here.

connect 4 1

2. Jumbo Pong

Think beer pong, however beer is optional!  This jumbo pong is the giant version and includes durable red “cups” and balls with a carrying case.

You can take this game to the beach or play in your backyard with the family.

Perfect for all ages, or make it an adult outdoor game with traditional beer pong.  View the options here.

yard pong giant game
3. Outdoor Tic-Tac-Toe

Much more challenging than traditional tic-tac-toe, this game is played outdoors and all ages will enjoy playing.

Throw the beanbags into the squares, creating three in a row to win!  There are even glow-in-the-dark versions so you can keep the party going as late as you want.

giant tic tac toe glow in the dark
4. Giant Jenga

Holy moley, Giant Jenga is the pinnacle of giant outdoor games!

There are several versions to choose from, called “Tumbling Tower”, if you want a more affordable version.

If you want the official version of Giant Jenga, you’ll build a tower over 5 feet tall!  You and your friends will have an awesome time playing this classic favorite, but giant-sized.

giant jenga game
5. Giant Chess

Adding a Giant Chess game to an outdoor party will definitely get people talking.  Begging to be played, this chess game has a king that stands over 25″ tall.

Although this game is more challenging, you’re sure to delight your guests by adding this giant outdoor game to your next backyard party.

giant chess outdoor game

6. Checkers

Played on a 4′ x 4′ game mat with 6″ discs, kids and adults alike will enjoy the Giant Checkers outdoor game.

In traditional black and red, this giant Checkers set will keep the kids busy for hours.  You’ll be hearing “King Me!” over and over again.

outdoor checkers giant game

7. Giant Sorry!

Check out this over-sized version of the classic Sorry! game.  Played the same as the original version, move all three of your giant pawns into home base for a win.

This makes a great outdoor game for birthday parties, backyard barbecues, or any outdoor party with children.  It will keep them entertained the whole time.

giant sorry board game outdoors

8. Yardzee

A cool twist on the classic Yahtzee game, Yardzee is probably my favorite giant outdoor game on this list.

It comes with 5 oversized dice that make this game super entertaining for all ages.

Yardzee is probably the most affordable giant game on this list as well, starting around $22 for the set.

giant yahtzee game yardzee 1
9. Left Center Right

I’ve never heard of this game but it looks really fun! Left Center Right is another fun giant outdoor game that everyone can participate in.  It’s simple to learn and play.

This game is also played with giant dice.  You’ll roll the dice and do what it says – if you get Left, pass a disc to the left, if you get a dot, you keep what you’ve got.

Keep playing until you run out of discs.  The last player with discs left wins.
At just $30, your party will be a hit!  Get yours here.

left center right giant backyard game

10. Bowling

I’m not much of an athlete, so bowling is right up my alley (pardon the pun).

When you turn bowling into giant inflated pins with an enormous ball, you get fun for the whole family, no matter how old or young.

giant bowling game 1

What Are Your Favorite Outdoor Party Games?

Have you tried any of the giant outdoor games on this list?  Are there other giant games that I’m missing?  Let me know in the comments section below.

I hope you enjoyed this post and please share on Pinterest!


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  • This is a really fun post and perfect time for sharing it. I think a giant chess board in our back yard would be really fun!

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